The Emotional Leader Program

The Emotional Leader Program (ELPro) is a simple doctrine or system of learning to develop emotional skills for positive, measurable, long-term behavioral change, applying your emotional intelligence.

The Emotional Leader Program specifically covers: understanding emotional style, increasing emotional knowledge for use in problem solving and decision-making, improving mood and job performance, developing self-management, and communicating effectively for increased relationship satisfaction, productivity and financial success.

In The Emotional Leader Program I coach you using stakeholder centered coaching practices learned from my mentor, Dr. Marshall Goldsmith, perhaps the most well respected leading behavioral coach in the world. And that always guarantees increased success and financial wealth!

There is a Science of Emotional Leadership – Emotional laws of personal and professional success. The Emotional Leader Program is the essence of this teaching.

The inspiration for The Emotional Leader Program  is drawn from principles encapsulated in the EASEQuadrant Model, an evidenced-based best practices model of emotional leadership developed by Dr. Gosling, drawn from scientifically researched emotional intelligence (EI) constructs and cognitive-behavioral insights.

Leadership is about building a feeling of long-term trust in relationships enabling the leader to influence others. Emotional leadership is choosing to behave with emotional intelligence; learning and applying emotionally intelligent behavior to build long-term trust in your business, professional and social relationships. As you exercise emotional leadership in your dealings with others, they will be drawn to you and follow your aspirations; your vision for a better life for you and for them. You will improve your level of self-understanding and greater effectiveness in your personal and professional life.

The Emotional Leader Program Coaching specifically targets behavioral change by:

  • understanding your emotional style
  • massively increasing emotional knowledge for use in problem solving and decision-making
  • using emotion to influence and improve thinking
  • improving job performance by being able to generate helpful moods
  • developing self-management and managing the emotions of others
  • communicating effectively for increased relationship satisfaction.

The purpose of my coaching is to guide you, the leader, to increase your emotional skills so that you choose the right goal —the right behavior to change. Your goal could be an increase in personal financial wealth or an increase in your contribution to an organization, or both. It could be a personal desire to head up a charitable initiative or to be a better partner, husband or wife. The benefits from carefully following the emotional leadership development process in ELPro Coaching are immediate, observable, measurable and enduring.

When you incorporate this knowledge in your emotional leadership habits it will give you the ability to be extraordinary and find clarity, purpose, happiness and abundance in your life. Emotional leadership habits will empower you change annoying behavior and create vastly improved relationships and unlimited wealth with EASE!

Leaders who understand how to influence and persuade masses of people are orchestrating themselves to develop their emotional leadership habits. And these habits will help position themselves at the head of a growing clan or tribe passionate about being completely aware of how they function emotionally.

Individuals and business owners that get this are making more money. They’re making their life easier for themselves and their teams. But most of all — they’re increasing their financial wealth by choosing emotionally intelligent behavior over controlling behavior.


The Emotional Leader Program gives you the most subtle form of inner power. But it is not just for your emotional management. ELPro empowers you to manage the emotions of others to attain influence and real-world results in every area of your life. Everything in life is about how you feel. If you feel mostly positive emotions, that’s a non-problem status. Get on and enjoy your life and the fruits of your lifetime achievements. But if you feel mostly negative emotions, and many people do, then these feelings will directly impact on your daily ability to function – be it in the home, community or workplace. That’s when ELPro can be your preferred system to strengthen emotional leader habits!


For many people their one goal is a to have happy, harmonious family life where parents, children and extended family are engaged with each other. When you are happy in your home life you will not be bringing stress to work!

For other people, their primary goal is to get money. Lots of money! Everyone wants to be wealthy. Without money you can’t move! If you have money you can have whatever you want, do whatever you want, go whereever you want. Maybe you want a happy and secure family and the best education for your children, or you want a cruising holiday, or be secure knowing your living expenses and insurance policies are taken care of? But if you have lots of money – that is, you are financially wealthy – you can give away your money to others and help them to be financially wealthy.

So there’s nothing wrong with being financially wealthy is there? It means that once your family is secure, you can give away generous amounts of money to a noble cause and help empower others. My wife and I are doing this through our charitable initiative – The Bula

Emotional wealth can bring you financial wealth. With sound emotional leadership you are sowing positive, long-term, trusting relationships – Just what you need for building effective relationships in your family, regular employment, professional careers and business organizations to make money to become financially wealthy. You are following me here?

So you can see that emotional leadership leads to emotional wealth and is intrinsically tied to financial wealth, causing people to be successful in their careers and their business profits to flourish. And emotional wealth belongs to financial wealth by its very nature. YOU ARE FREE TO ENJOY BOTH! ELPro is a system of learning lasting behavioral change to increase your emotional and financial wealth!

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EASEQuadrant is a matrix for emotionally intelligent leadership; a structure which forms the basis for Dr. Gosling’s Emotional Leader Program (ELPro), which explores and develops an individual’s emotional intelligence. It is Dr. Gosling’s vision of how emotional intelligence may be learned and applied to everyday living exercising emotional leadership; behaving with emotional intelligence in your relationships in the home, community, and workplace.

I originated the EASEQuadrant Model in 2002 for my doctoral thesis, as a theoretical framework for classifying and interpreting mental abilities scored using the Mayer-Salovey-Caruso Emotional Intelligence Test (MSCEIT™). It is underpinned by the mental ability model of emotional intelligence (Mayer, DiPaolo, Salovey, 1990; Mayer, Salovey, 1997; Salovey, Mayer, 1990) and was central to the classification and interpretation of the emotional intelligence of 86 managers who responded and were tested by the online MSCEIT in my research program.

I argued in this study that emotional intelligence in and of itself is valued as a capacity required for organisation effectiveness and individual performance. EASEQuadrant provides a framework that teaches successful leaders how to apply their emotional intelligence skills to achieve positive long-term change in behavior leading to improved individual and organisation success.


Set on two axes of experiential emotional leadership and strategic emotional leadership, the model comprises four quadrants, each undergirded by a branch of the MSCEIT™: (1) Evaluating Perceptions (Perceiving emotion), (2) Attending to Mood (Using emotion), (3) Strengthening Knowledge (Understanding emotion), and (4) Enhancing Relationships (Managing emotion).

Each quadrant is a right of passage along a journey to learning and applying emotionally intelligent behavior to build a long-term feeling of trust in business, professional, and social relationships. It is argued that perceiving and using emotion enhances experiential emotional leadership while understanding and managing emotion enhances strategic emotional leadership.

Emotional Leader Coaching

Want to change one annoying irritating behavior preventing you from being a more successful leader?

[Leaders we admire] all build relationships and inspire us to give our best. Even though managers can be leaders it is not their managerial talent that inspires you to think of them as leaders. Usually, it is an interpersonal skill, a behavior that is expressed in such a way that it elicits our choice to follow, to be influenced, to admire unselfconsciously.” – John Nirenberg (2003).

I hope that you are extremely successful, that life is all you’ve imagined it could be, and that you have emotional freedom and an invincible love of life. I truly do!

If, on the other hand, you’re wanting some guidance to recognize, use, understand, and manage emotion and strengthen behaviors that may be stopping you from being where you want to be, let me assure you that the seeds of greatness are within you to be manifested now.

How can I know this? Because the seeds of greatness are all around us. It is simply up to you to first believe that, and then to take the right action steps that will move you to the next level of where ever it is you want to go. Emotion management and behavior change are perhaps the most vital parts of that process.

My name is Dr. Mike Gosling. I’m the founder of Gosling International, the world’s fastest-growing provider of emotional leadership programs centered on EASEQuadrant, a systematic method of learning to take you from where you are to where you want to be. I help business owners, entrepreneurs, individual professionals, CEOs, senior level managers and staff in corporations strengthen their emotional intelligence and stop irritating and annoying behavior so they can fulfill their potential.

Emotional Leader Coaching helps you apply your emotional intelligence to move you forward, toward the progressive realization of worthy goals. I’ll help you create your vision of where you want to be and work alongside you and your peer coaches to create a blueprint of your perfect purpose in life. Then I’ll show you how to perfect emotional mastery, with a comprehensive program to help you develop emotional leader habits so that you can live the extraordinary life you deserve and have always wanted.

My leadership programs are an exclusive suite of resources that is making a positive, measurable, long-term difference in the lives of clients around the world. Will my next client be you?

I would feel privileged to have you on board as you explore how my behavioral coaching programs can help improve your leadership behavior and and guide you to achieve the success that you deserve and that has always been waiting for you.

I am available for an initial coaching consultation for prospective clients to explore the path to successful emotional leadership that suits you best and meets your budget and time framework. To learn how I can best coach and mentor you, call me on +61. 412. 069. 460.