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Emotionally Intelligent Leadership for Managers Masterclass

Emotional intelligence (EI) in the workplace is now regarded as the core ability for leadership.

emotional intelligence training gold coast
Leading With Emotional Intelligence Workshop – Fiji Commerce & Employers Federation, Fiji

Emotional Intelligence is vital to being an effective and high-performing member of any team. Intellect and business expertise can only carry you so far if emotional intelligence is lacking.

Leaders of today who can “tune into themselves” and are mindful of how their thinking, feeling and behaviors impact on people they influence will enhance individual and organisational performance.

Leaders are being judged by new benchmarks: self-awareness, self-management, engagement with others, and authenticity. Furthermore, personal qualities such as empathy and compassion, initiative, adaptability, influence, emotional agility, and resilience are critical; in other words, Emotional Intelligence.

This Leading With Emotional Intelligence training program focuses specifically on UPGRADING skills and awareness, GROWING emotional intelligence, and becoming a POWERFUL COMMUNICATOR. Leaders who understand the connection between emotions and actions can produce a ‘step change’ in embedding desirable cultural changes that implement the transformational goals set by an organisation.

This is a magnificent opportunity to understand and implement the secrets of emotional leadership success – emotional intelligence, conversational intelligence and social neuroscience of emotions – in driving leadership advancement.

leading with emotional intelligenceLeading With Emotional Intelligence – A course for the next generation of leaders! This may be the most important leadership workshop you’ll ever do!

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This 2-day workshop, which includes one individual post-seminar 2-hour coaching session with Dr Gosling, will give participants the essential keys to successful, empathetic, predictable, approachable  leadership. The program will help leaders break FREE from damaging behaviours and gain the trust of others at work and at home.

Details of the Leading With Emotional Intelligence Training Seminar

1. Course Title:

Leading With Emotional Intelligence

2. General Aim of the Course

This 2-Day Leading With Emotional Intelligence training seminar introduces a proven model for developing emotional intelligence abilities and emotional skills.  Also, it provides participants with the insight and skills to apply them in making their job and career more effective, satisfying and successful.

3. Target Group of the Course

CEOs, Senior managers and leaders who want to maximize their overall performance by improving emotion management. The course builds self-understanding through emotional intelligence training and creates a healthy, productive workplace and organizational culture.

emotional intelligence training gold coast 

Leading With Emotional Intelligence Workshop – Fiji Commerce & Employers Federation, Fiji

4. Completion of Online MSCEIT & Genos Emotional Intelligence Assessments:

Before attending this Leading With Emotional Intelligence Training seminar, each participant will receive links by email to complete the online MSCEIT™ and Genos 360 degree assessments (See C above).  Each participant must complete the assessments online at least fourteen (14) days prior to the commencement of the seminar. The development reports will be emailed to each participant on completion of the test.  Participants must print their reports (in colour) and bring them to the seminar in order to participate fully in the workshop.

NOTE: The completion of the MSCEIT assessment by participants on time and prior to the seminar is critical to the success of the workshop.

5. Course Instructors – Dr. Mike Gosling and Mrs Karen Gosling

6. Enquiries & Registrations

To engage Gosling International for the 2-Day Seminar Leading With Emotional Intelligence, in Australia or in your country location, please email Mike Gosling.

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emotional intelligence training gold coast  

Dr. Mike & Mrs Karen Gosling Guest Speakers Fiji Human Resources Institute 24 October, 2015 Sofitel Resort Nadi, Fiji.