Are you a leader who;

  • gets easily frustrated with coworkers and shows it

  • is always imposing your views and ridiculing other coworkers

  • is oblivious to how your constant negativity and annoying behaviour wears on others

  • cannot function well when feeling anxious or overwhelmed with fear

  • gets angry when having to deal with feelings of being attacked, misunderstood or criticised.

emotional intelligence

Are you one of these leaders? Well, I know EI. I can help you develop it.

This kind of stuff happens all the time, but only truly emotionally intelligent leaders know how to respond in a way that steers the situation toward a positive outcome. 

Research has shown that emotional intelligence is the strongest predictor of high performance and explains 58% of your success.  The POWER of EI is that you have a greater impact on others by increasing your empathy. CEO’s are now referred to as the Chief Empathy Officer. The World Economic Forum recognises that emotional intelligence is one of the top 10 workplace skills required in organisations in 2026. Are you ready? Make sure you have developed your empathy skills for your future role as a high performing emotionally intelligent leader in your organisation or private business.

If you want to succeed in life, it helps to have high emotional intelligence. At its core, it’s how well you understand and manage your own emotions and those of the people you interact with. When you’re keyed-in, observant and reflective when it comes to emotions, you can be a better leader, spouse, and overall human being. Unfortunately, not everybody has this ability to the desired degree.

Consider this...

  • Do people fear you and are cautious around you; or are you held in awe and respect?

  • Are you haughty in your walk; contemptuous, rather than humble and respectful?

  • Have you been unrestrained in your reactions to events; or reflective, managing your emotions?

  • Are you fearful of your authority; or a great teacher helping others design the life they love?

  • Are you challenged to be more like your heros; or not thought about how you impact others?

  • Do coworkers and clients feel comfortable to approach you every time, even if you’re busy or feeling stressed?

I’m the only coach in the world using emotional intelligence assessments, brain science, as well as psychology, scripts and templates to help you be a better person at work and at home. With three decades of experience helping people overcome limiting beliefs and behaviours to achieve greater success, I’m committed to helping 120 great leaders create high emotional intelligence, gain the trust of coworkers, and make $30,000 more a year by 2026. Will you be one of them?

My mission is simple. I want to help successful leaders achieve positive, lasting change in behaviour; for themselves, their people, and their teams. I work with relationships between people, so I want your life to be better by helping you stop one annoying behaviour – and making a measurable positive change in leader behaviour.

As an executive educator and coach I help people understand how appraisal of our beliefs, values, expectations and the environments we operate in can trigger negative behaviours and disconnected relationships.

In this program I lead you on the journey to self-improvement through behavioural change; improving performance for leaders, coaches and the individual.

Emotional constipation (stress) has debilitating effects on our health and relationships. Stress depletes our immune system; negatively effects our Autonomic Nervous System – gut, bowel, reproductive system and inability to recover from stress; lowers serotonin; and leads to lowered self-esteem.

We’ve all had situations where our emotions got the better of us. Often it’s because we’ve conditioned ourselves to respond to events in a certain way and are unaware of the impact our annoying behaviour has on others.


Often we don’t realize what is happening until our “emotional trigger” sets us off. We’ve also resisted change because we think, “I am what I am and you can’t change that”. Wrong! Change is a process we can choose to participate in or stay as we are. If you choose not to change, how’s that working out for you?

Using science-based emotional intelligence (EI) assessments, brain science as well as psychology and feedforward simple and practical advice, I help leaders achieve and sustain positive behavioural change; and get that promotion, earn way more money, and enjoy a better lifestyle – faster!

Travis Bradberry, co-author of Emotional Intelligence 2.0, conducted a study where his team tested the EQ (aka EI) of over 42,000 people and compared their scores to their annual incomes. In his report, Bradberry states, “The road to higher income is paved with the quality of your relationships. People earn more money as they become more emotionally intelligent.” Bradberry found that people with high levels of emotional intelligence earn an average of $29,000 more annually than those with less emotional intelligence. Research just gave you 29,000 good reasons to improve yours.

The best time to handle a negative emotion is when you first begin to feel and experience it fully, identifying the situation (or own trigger) that has occurred. That way you can deal with it and it won’t keep popping up time and time again. Dealing with your emotions and the emotions of others is what emotional intelligence is all about and is what coaching can help you change.

I believe in and understand how vital sound relationships are to your future life goals. Coaching helps us build sound relationships through managing the parts and pieces of our life — emotional, intellectual, physical, and spiritual — in designing the lives we love.

Delivering executive coaching for over 25 years, my passion has been guiding leaders – no matter how successful you already are – to BREAKTHROUGH and OVERCOME mental and emotional constipation to get the most from your leadership, relationship, family, and life goals.

Within a culture of being professional, open-minded, knowledgeable, resourceful, non-judgmental, and experienced, I help you develop and apply your emotional intelligence abilities and competencies to better manage your emotions at work and at home, change annoying behaviours, and inspire you to take your life and career to the next level.

The impact on others of your new emotional skills is them feeling more worthy, valued, validated, supported and motivated, resulting in greater loyalty and happiness at work and a healthier less stressed lifestyle for all. Better collaboration at work leads to better ideas, better morale, and a more successful profitable company with increasing seniority and higher paying opportunities for you. Overall — Better Living. Better Life.

If you want assistance to manage your behavior at work or at home then please get in touch. I want to help you make your life a little better. I help leaders experiencing difficulties with higher-ups, colleagues, direct reports, spouses, and personal partners, win and succeed at life, live with confidence, and enjoy higher paying jobs.

I will teach you 3 things that will help you begin to be a more inspirational leader:

If you want a professional emotional intelligence coach to help you break FREE from damaging behaviours holding you back from getting that promotion and make $30,000 more a year . . . I am here...

mike gosling phd

… I help put you in charge of your life so that upsetting events can be resolved.

When you heal emotionally, your body doesn’t always feel those strong emotions.

Over the last 30 years I have coached CEOs, C-suite executives, senior managers, professional consultants and coaches. I have seen the changes of what works and what doesn’t.

I have learnt the best way to fix bad behaviour and poor communication to reconnect with your higher-ups, peers, direct reports, spouses, and personal partners in meaningful relationships.

I deliver the best emotional leadership coaching worldwide through my proven system to make you a successful, empathic, predictable, approachable leader, gain the trust of coworkers, and improve your health and well-being. All within my digital platform. Call me now on +61-412-069-460 or click the links below. 

Life is good.
Mike Gosling Ph.D.

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