Emotional Intelligence Coaching provides the guidance leaders need to be better through improving and using their emotional intelligence.

Emotional intelligence development is an opportunity for change. I work globally to build emotional capability and self-confidence in leaders; for themselves, their people and their teams. Emotionally intelligent leaders lead change effectively through understanding how the brain operates and how the emotional response system works in themselves and in others.

I equip leaders with specific skills and strategies to deliver solutions to problems such as:

  • Getting the organisation or team to accept the need for change
  • Initiating the change process and getting buy-in
  • Motivating individuals to stop resisting and engage with change
  • Ensuring engagement and morale stay high during change
  • Maximizing performance and minimizing resistance during times of uncertainty and transition


Specifically, Emotional Intelligence Coaching equips you to:

  • find one or two behaviors keeping you from your goal
  • understand and manage your emotional style
  • increase your emotional knowledge for use in problem solving and decision-making
  • improve mood and job performance
  • develop self-management so you become unconsciously skilled in emotions,
  • communicate effectively for increased personal and professional relationship satisfaction, and
  • maximize performance and minimize resistance during times of uncertainty and transition.


The Principles Underlying My Approach

My Emotional Intelligence Development programs are based on Dr. Mike Gosling’s coaching process – The Emotional Leader Program (ELPro).

The inspiration for The Emotional Leader Program is to provide tips, tools, strategies, and resources that target emotional skills development for positive, measurable, long-term behavioral change. Furthermore, The Emotional Leader Program courses that follow ensure that Emotional Intelligence is a major component of this growth.

Furthermore, The Emotional Leader Program is structured on EASEQuadrant, an evidenced-based best practices model of emotional leadership. The Emotional Leader Program was developed by Dr. Gosling in 2002, drawn from scientifically researched emotional intelligence (EI) constructs, emotional brain theory, and cognitive-behavioral insights. In addition, we now include conversational intelligence as an integral part of effective communication.

Typically, I work across 8 areas of emotional intelligence coaching, mentoring and training:

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