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Hey – this is Dr Mike Gosling… if you’ve struggled with losing trust and respect at work for more than three months (or longer than you’d care to admit)…

… and if others are talking behind your back and getting the promotions that you’re being overlooked for and are making $30,000 more a year and you’re not then this message is for you and you need to get your hands on this information as soon as possible.

Here’s why — have you ever wondered WHY YOUR LEADERSHIP IS FAILING AND YOU DON’T HAVE MUCH IMPACT OR INFLUENCE with your coworkers, direct reports, and higher-ups?

I’LL LET YOU IN ON A LITTLE SECRET – There is something you haven’t been told.

Huh? That’s right, the people who are getting great results in this area, are playing by a different set of rules.

There’s something they know… which YOU DON’T.

Do you know what it is?

ANSWER: They’re using a secret system that transforms them into an emotionally intelligent leader… challenges their beliefs about themselves… and gives them emotional control, undeniable confidence, and the empathy of an approachable, consistent leader.

And if you were using that system too then your results could be completely different.

Don’t expect a promotion if you don’t change what you’re doing now.

Are you a leader who:

  • gets easily irritated and  frustrated with direct reports, colleagues, or higher-ups and shows it

  • is always imposing your views and ridiculing others in meetings

  • has no idea about how your constant negativity and annoying behaviour impacts others

  • cannot function well when feeling overwhelmed and immobilised with fear and anxiety, setting off a stress response

  • gets angry quickly when having to deal with feelings of being attacked, misunderstood, criticised, or told what to do

emotional intelligence

My 5-Phase System Is For You If You Want To:

  • Break FREE From Bad Behaviours Contributing to you being Disrespected…
  • STOP Coworkers Talking Behind Your Back…
  • Win Back TRUST by being a More Approachable, Consistent Leader…
  • Get that PROMOTION… And
  • Get PAID $30,000 More A Year!

Saving money on coaching means you’re not serious…

… Invest in yourself… STOP them dead talking behind your back

… Start failing forward with coworkers and REGAIN their trust

… Fix 2 things you’re doing wrong… expect to improve, then succeed

THE RESULTS — Leaders with a high-level of trust and respect are better able to:

  • relate to and connect with others
  • understand and empathise with others
  • manage their own emotions and the emotions of others
  • cope with stress and keep emotions under control

THIS is the missing link that you always knew existed – but could never find

I want to personally invite you to complete my coaching application where I’ll walk you step-by-step through my secret system in a FREE 2-hour Zoom call which will change your results forever.

You’ll never see leadership the same way again.

And you’ll never again be a victim to these problems.

Case Study… Richard sought coaching for his overbearing manner in meetings.

He constantly imposed his own views and ridiculed other staff for theirs.

He was told by higher-ups to seek coaching or lose any opportunity for promotion.

Richard contacted Mike for coaching where he understood and managed his emotional intelligence, learned skills to drop his bad behaviour of putting others down and getting irritable real fast, and soon received a more senior promotion with a top salary.

What if YOU discovered on THIS strategy call the one thing that’s been holding you back?

What if it meant that you too could BREAK FREE from a lack of trust and respect that is the reason for the discrepancy between what you say you want and what you actually experience on a daily basis.

It would be worthwhile attending, yes?

If you don’t sacrifice for what you want… what you want becomes the sacrifice.

If you really want to work with me, this is your opportunity to let me know why.

As your coach I will work one-on-one with you to help you achieve your vision. I will facilitate your interactions with your 6-8 stakeholders who connect with you on the human-to-human level, so you learn direct from them how successful you have been in reaching your behavioural goals.

Hit the “SUBMIT MY APPLICATION” button below now to register (before it’s too late)…

I look forward to speaking with you.

Life is good.
Dr Mike Gosling



Before We Even Meet, I’m Going To Show You The ONE Reason You’re Not Gaining The Respect And Trust of Coworkers, Not Getting That Promotion, And Not Making $30,000 More A Year.

You want results NOW, right? So before we even meet on our LIVE Zoom call, I’m going to give you my PRE-TRAININGS that will show you how to get engaged again as an effective leader… AND FAST! 

Click the 3 Pre-Training Links below to learn more and then Click on “SUBMIT MY APPLICATION” to apply for my coaching.

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— PRE-TRAINING #1 – The 1 reason why you’re not gaining respect and trust with Coworkers
— PRE-TRAINING #2 – Mindset is everything. Are you heading out the gate with the right attitude, the right vision
— PRE-TRAINING #3 – The problem with emotional style is that it makes it difficult for you to win


The Secret System For Senior Managers 35-54 Who Have Lost Trust And Respect In The Workplace… As Well As The Promotions Or Income They Deserve…

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