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How to improve emotional intelligence and leader behaviour… the easy way.

FROM: Mike Gosling Ph.D., 9:15am
Southport, Qld

Dear Friend,

I’m an executive behavioural coach.

EICoachification means 4 things in particular: more emotional knowledge, more behavioural skills, more income, and more influence with co-workers and partners.

And if you’d love to know how I coach as many successful leaders as I want to get more of these four things – while working as little as 3-hours per week…

…then this could be the most important message you read all year.


Let me tell you…

My brand new ebook will show you exactly how to do this (and so much more) – the FAST and EASY way.

To begin with, this is unlike any other ebook you’ve ever read.

It’s a no B.S., down-to-earth guide that shows you plainly and simply, how I’ve run my emotional intelligence behavioural coaching programs for over 50 people personally and hundreds more in seminars in Australia, South East Asia and the South Pacific, since 1999.

Even better, at just 36 pages long you can read it inside an hour – and walk away armed with the strategies you need to:

  • Identify and change one behaviour… FAST
  • Discover how to increase your emotional intelligence (truly)
  • And structure your engagement with your REAL coaches, your Stakeholders

Which means you’ll know how to build your asset (YOU!)… how to change… and how to measure results and scale-up influence.

Even if you’ve never done anything like this before.

In fact…

  • A bio-chemical engineer, commercial discipline head, used the system to do something about her adverse behaviours that were impacting on the organisation
  • A high-calibre vice-president, finance and global risk team, regularly used the same system to improve emotional self-control and self-management to (quote) “Improve my ability to enlist people’s trust and support,” and…
  • A head of marketing used it to identify a key root cause of his aggressive behaviour, to make a big difference in how he now behaves and is perceived, increasing his happiness and potential.

But please understand, I can’t promise that you’ll achieve the same incredible results.

I don’t know you or your abilities. And I certainly don’t know how self-disciplined and persistent you are when things get tough.

I’ve got the benefit of improving my own behaviour since 1997, after completing my research on the emotional intelligence of managers in Singapore and working closely with my wife, expert ADHD and Marriage Counsellor, Karen Gosling, in South East Asia, Fiji, and Australia, serving over 5,700 individual clients worldwide.

The average person has a steeper learning curve than me, and if they don’t have the right “stuff” inside, often they give up and get no results.

PLUS… All behaviour carries risk, and requires massive action and learning from your mistakes. So if this sort of things scares you, then my book is NOT FOR YOU.

With that being said, here’s exactly what I’ll show you how to do in my new book, “EICoachification.”

Firstly, it’s about more than just “coaching.”

EICoachification is about 3 things:

Firstly, it’s about helping you understand that if you take your knowledge, skills, and experience and improve that with the right emotional knowledge and right behaviour – then you could be sitting on a goldmine.

LET ME ASK YOU A SERIOUS QUESTION: Do you believe you have something valuable to offer others?

If so, then it usually means that you have some specific knowledge, skill, and experience.

I call your knowledge, skill, and your experience your “asset.”

And if you’re like most people, then you’re not leveraging that “asset.”

You might think of real estate as an asset. But what is inside your brain is actually a much bigger and better asset by far.

It’s just that you haven’t been shown HOW to use it.

Which really means… there are lots of people out there who are NOT able to benefit from what you know, either because you are simply not sharing it, or your behaviour pushes people away.

As a matter of fact, the person who is benefitting the LEAST, is YOU!

So, if you truly want to have great relationships at work, a great income, and a great lifestyle that makes a difference in the lives of others, then the model you use needs to change.

From a model where your knowledge, skills and experience are stored in your head and not really accessible to anyone else…

…To a model where your “asset” is SUPER-CHARGED with new knowledge from twice-yearly science-based emotional intelligence reports and FeedForward from perceptions of your stakeholders and shared through emotionally intelligent leader behaviour so that hundreds… if not thousands… of people can benefit from your “asset.”

SECONDLY, this book is about how to decide to change and get out of HELL… in as little as 3-hours per week.

It’s about recognising, “I need to change”, “I need to change now”, and “How can you help me?”

That’s it. Decide to change, decide to change now, and ask me how I can help you change.

If you miss this step, your life will continue to be hard.

Get that step right and the rest is easy.

But even better, I show you how to do it all in under 3-hours per week.

Which means, you can have fantastic success, but still have a life. Cool?

When you know these things, then you have a road-map for success.

And it’s not just an idea. I’m teaching you from experience.

I’ve been fortunate enough to teach my system for over 25-years, to people in many parts of the world.

So what I have is the simplest, most direct way to get from Point A to Point B – because I’ve lived it and done it many times over.

Teaching people HOW to do this is what I do for a living.

And this is what I make really EASY to understand in this book.

The THIRD thing my new book is about is, measuring the results and scaling-up your influence.

For instance, let’s pretend for a moment that you are a senior manager (everyone knows what a senior manager is and does, so let’s use that as an example, and meanwhile you can also think about how this could apply to you too).

And so as a senior manager, you earn your money by achieving your own and your organisation’s goals, right?

But… right now the way you’re using your asset is 1-dimensional (remember, an asset is your knowledge, skills and experience).

Chances are that you only have one way to do your job – the way you’ve been trained and the way you’ve always done it, working with others.

But things are going off the rails – changes are occurring amongst those you work with.

As a leader, people have begun to disrespect you, not carry out your directions, and are feeling frustrated, irritated, and angry at your behaviours or feeling anxious and bewildered at not being able to approach you with confidence as they used to.

Most people are in a similar situation. They only have one way of doing things – the way they’ve been taught or the way they’ve “always done it”.

When instead, most successful people don’t just have one way of doing things – they have added to their skill set.

So why not you too?

You can.


Simply, by adding an emotional leader element to what you do.

What EVERY senior manager in the country should have is a coaching program on how THEY themselves manage and behave.

This way, higher-ups, peers, direct reports, and others can engage with them consistently, sure. But they can also have a higher-level experience with that senior manager – an emotional leader experience.

Leaders should be able to get coaching from behavioural coaches. And they would pay good money for that personal, in-depth experience (from someone who is really a coach and NOT a critic).

This idea works for nearly any profession. Think about what you know and do – would there be people whom you could impact in a positive way and make a difference in their lives?

  • A higher-up would be impressed with you adopting a more collegial attitude with the management team
  • peer could feel encouraged to add value to your organisations goals working closer with you once you develop some emotional control
  • direct report would feel more secure and safe around you if they knew your response would be consistent when they approached you – the hallmark of a mentor
  • supplier could guarantee supply when they feel confident they will be treated with respect in a critical situation… or when called on to deal with an issue on the fly
  • team member would feel supported when coached by a leader on how to stay focused in pressure situations
  • manager could call on you on how to get the best out of employees

Get the idea?

I mean, c’mon right?

In fact, you could make more in a higher position using emotionally intelligent behaviour!

Even better, adding an emotion skills set to your asset, means that now your income is not limited to just what you have been taught up until now.

Your advanced emotional leadership skills can be enjoyed by your existing team, and potentially an organisation-wide audience too.

For instance…

  • bio-chemical engineer who was a client of mine, went from being a category management discipline lead to a commercial discipline head while setting life changing goals and overcoming obstacles
  • human resources leader is now able to deal effectively with intense feelings of anxiety when facing up to a Board Meeting to report on HR activities.
  • An international bank compliance officer is now relaxed about receiving multiple requests for compliance loan approvals after becoming overwhelmed each morning when he arrived at his desk
  • Marketing Executive is now VP Marketing Risk after coaching, moving from being Head of Marketing’s Non-Ferrous Metals Trading team
  • An ex-executive is now a personal trainer

Making sense?

These leaders, students of mine, are all leveraging their “asset” – so why not you too?

So like I said, there’s more to this book than “coaching” – here’s just a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • The curious story of how 2 leaders with the same ability… the same experience… and the same approach – get wildly different results: ONE is struggling with severe anxiety, while the OTHER has all the confidence, freedom, and income she wants, although is unaware of how she is impacting on her team (find this on page 5)
  • The simple thing you need to do to improve emotional intelligence and leader behaviour (even if you’re a complete beginner) – find this on page 12
  • Why the “leadership development” preachers out there are selling you a B.S. dream that a) is too hard to implement, b) is low on results, and c) is completely confusing if you want to make a change from Day 1
  • If all you want is general advice (technical term!) it’s not what you need if you are a leader with a significant behaviour issue (page 15)
  • My complete secret leader behaviour system will change your knowledge, skills, income, and influence, forever (find this on page 15)
  • We use one leader behaviour system (Any one of 3 points is an agent of change!)
  • STRATEGY REVEAL: There is a huge risk that if your 3 agency points were to remain as is, there could be a LOSS of money — as in a loss of job, or position, or no promotion. (find out on page 17)
  • The person who understands their emotional intelligence and behaviour makes the most money and enjoys the best life. (The complete model is at page 18)
  • Are you equipped to recognise and change your bad behaviours that are impacting on others you work with or those at home? (see how to get your questions answered on page 19)
  • The amazing discovery I made that led me to “sell” leaders on making the change, and it all comes down to how you view change (I’ll tell you exactly what that is on page 20)
  • Here’s something that will really surprise you; where most leaders were joining me from, the answer shocked me (page 22)
  • If you miss this step, your life will continue to be hard (Get this step right and the rest is easy – page 24)
  • The 3rd step to improving as much emotional intelligence and leader behaviour as you want (I tell you this on page 27)
  • Exactly how do you get started with Stakeholders? My system is grounded in an understanding and beliefs of successful emotional leaders and the power of a reinforcing cycle of involving others in encouraging self-development. (Learn about the involvement of “others” on page 28)
  • Additional points of measurement of changes in behaviour (yep, we explore results from your emotional intelligence assessments and LGPRs) (page 28)
  • How to Upscale your influence (for most people, it means your new emotional leader habits can replace your irregular habits in just a few weeks… truly)
  • Enrolling and engaging with your stakeholders WITHOUT pressure tactics… WITHOUT fancy interview techniques… and WITHOUT feeling yucky about it
  • If you really want things to be different and make the behavioural change you want, then there is a way I can help you (my exact “coaching” plan laid out for you to consider on page 33)

That’s quite a lot of tested and proven strategies, yes?

Well, they’re all yours to benefit from.

Because at the end of this book, you’ll have the exact blueprint to measurably improve your own emotional intelligence and leader behaviour the RIGHT way.

The best part is, you don’t have to even know your current level of emotional intelligence – you do various EI tests and mini-surveys before and after the coaching, and choose the areas you prefer to work on, that you realise impact on your performance

You’ll hand-pick your areas of development so that you become a better version of you in the shortest amount of time.

Oh and you know what else?  It’s all a lot simpler than you’re expecting, because it’s new information but written in ordinary English. You can’t be expected to know everything about every topic.

So the new concepts and knowledge are dead easy to grasp!

You simply don’t need to work that hard.

In “EICoachification” I’ll teach you exactly what you need to do – and it’s so simple, that many clients tell me they think there’s a “catch” because it doesn’t sound academic enough.

Can you believe it! People think that by pushing the “hard way” of doing things, really getting off on how detailed a course is, or how academic it is, somehow makes them feel that the course is more worth it.

When in fact, learning about managing our emotions is REALLY simple and pays massive dividends:

  1. You find a behaviour that you know is a problem
  2. You learn about emotional intelligence and correct your behaviour… and
  3. You engage with your Stakeholders to gain their perceptions of your way of doing things
  4. Then you look at EI test results and Stakeholder FeedFoward to find areas that need tweaking and choose which ones you want further help with (this way, you can put in focussed effort)
  5. You develop more skills and increase your chance of promotion – not to mention how much easier life will be at home!

That’s it!

You want to be more emotionally intelligent BUT WITHOUT HAVING TO GO AND DO ANOTHER DEGREE! You just want the end result. Agreed?

I’d say so, or you wouldn’t still be reading, true?

And now here’s the best bit of all…

A lot of “coaches” these days promise to give you their ebook for FREE. Have you seen these kinds of offers?

But when you look deeper into it, they then tell you that you have to pay for postage.


So in the end, it’s not free at all.

Let’s face it, if you’re going to say that your ebook is FREE, then make it totally, 100% free, right? Or, just don’t make that promise at all.

That’s why my ebook is one you’re not only going to love… and get amazing results from – but for a limited time:

You can have it completely and totally FREE!

Yes, it really won’t cost you a cent.

I’m literally giving you this book for FREE.

Not a dollar.

Nothing! Zip!

There really is no catch.

Just click to order below and in just a few minutes, you’ll be reading my new ebook, “EICoachification!”

And then in just 60-minutes from now, you’ll know EXACTLY…

  • How to identify one behaviour for change
  • How to change it… and
  • How to measure your results
  • PLUS… a lot more

Think about it: if everything I’m promising you here is true, then wouldn’t that make this the most important message you’ve read all year?

So go ahead while the offer still lasts, and I’ll introduce you to the FAST way to measurably improve emotional intelligence and leader behaviour.

You’re also getting a SURPRISE OFFER when you grab your copy right now

What is it?

Well I can’t tell you otherwise it wouldn’t be a surprise right? 😉

But what I can say is that this SURPRISE OFFER will literally change your future forever.

  • It will help you get laser focused on how to unlock your potential and live in harmony with others.
  • It will give you an exact plan of what you need to do to make it happen.
  • And it will be one of the most valuable offers you have ever taken up.
  • Not only that, but it involves LIVE in-person help with no-strings attached.

This alone is worth grabbing my book for.

This is truly a no-brainer offer – so claim your copy of my book while it’s 100% FREE.

I thank you for taking the time to read this webpage and I can’t wait to hear your feedback about my new ebook, EICoachification.

This ebook is an opportunity for you to engage with your emotions – to think about what behaviours you need to change, decide to change, and ask for my help to make the change by taking action in creating new emotional leader habits, and then arouse your team by helping them do the same thing.

Coach Mike Gosling Ph.D.

P.S. Well you knew that there had to be a “P.S.” right?  They’re in every sales letter these days (well the good ones anyway ;-).

But the summary of all the words above, is that:

  • If you want to turn your asset (your knowledge, skills, and experience) into a self-disciplined, self-determining, confident base… to have better relationships… and more influence…
  • If you want to decide to change and get out of HELL… working as little as 3-hours per week…
  • And if you want to add another income stream to your life…

Then for a LIMITED TIME I’m allowing you to grab a copy of my brand new ebook, EICoachification for FREE.

No B.S. postage charges. No continuity program. No annoying upsells.

Just an incredible ebook that will tell you exactly what you’re doing wrong when it comes to having one annoying behaviour impacting adversely on others… and how to fix it – FAST.

And yes, you can have it for FREE!

You’ll even receive a SURPRISE OFFER– just so that I know I’ve given you more value than anyone else you’ve ever seen.

DISCLAIMER: Please be aware that I am not making any promises as to what you can do as behavioural change or make as an income. You are completely responsible for the results you get. And if you’re like most people, you won’t do a thing with what I teach you in this book. I can’t promise that you’ll achieve the same results. I don’t know you or your abilities. And I certainly don’t know how persistent you are when things get tough. I’ve got the benefit of selling coaching programs since 1999. Whereas the average person has a steeper learning curve than me and, if they don’t have the right “stuff” inside, often they give up and get no results. All development carries risk and requires massive action and learning from your mistakes. It’s not about, “I need more time, Mike.” It’s about, “How much time do you have?” So, if this sort of things scares you, then my book is NOT FOR YOU. 

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