Emotional Leader Coaching

Want to change one annoying irritating behavior preventing you from being a more successful leader?

[Leaders we admire] all build relationships and inspire us to give our best. Even though managers can be leaders it is not their managerial talent that inspires you to think of them as leaders. Usually, it is an interpersonal skill, a behavior that is expressed in such a way that it elicits our choice to follow, to be influenced, to admire unselfconsciously.” – John Nirenberg (2003).

I hope that you are extremely successful, that life is all you’ve imagined it could be, and that you have emotional freedom and an invincible love of life. I truly do!

If, on the other hand, you’re wanting some guidance to recognize, use, understand, and manage emotion and strengthen behaviors that may be stopping you from being where you want to be, let me assure you that the seeds of greatness are within you to be manifested now.

How can I know this? Because the seeds of greatness are all around us. It is simply up to you to first believe that, and then to take the right action steps that will move you to the next level of where ever it is you want to go. Emotion management and behavior change are perhaps the most vital parts of that process.

My name is Dr. Mike Gosling. I’m the founder of Gosling International, the world’s fastest-growing provider of emotional leadership programs centered on EASEQuadrant, a systematic method of learning to take you from where you are to where you want to be. I help business owners, entrepreneurs, individual professionals, CEOs, senior level managers and staff in corporations strengthen their emotional intelligence and stop irritating and annoying behavior so they can fulfill their potential.

Emotional Leader Coaching helps you apply your emotional intelligence to move you forward, toward the progressive realization of worthy goals. I’ll help you create your vision of where you want to be and work alongside you and your peer coaches to create a blueprint of your perfect purpose in life. Then I’ll show you how to perfect emotional mastery, with a comprehensive program to help you develop emotional leader habits so that you can live the extraordinary life you deserve and have always wanted.

My leadership programs are an exclusive suite of resources that is making a positive, measurable, long-term difference in the lives of clients around the world. Will my next client be you?

I would feel privileged to have you on board as you explore how my behavioral coaching programs can help improve your leadership behavior and and guide you to achieve the success that you deserve and that has always been waiting for you.

I am available for an initial coaching consultation for prospective clients to explore the path to successful emotional leadership that suits you best and meets your budget and time framework. To learn how I can best coach and mentor you, call me on +61. 412. 069. 460.

About Dr. Mike Gosling

Best known for creating The Emotional Leader Program, Mike is a leading Executive Coach, editor of this blog, and Co-Founder of RelationshipsMe.com. Connect with him on Twitter, at Facebook, and LinkedIn.