The Importance of Sufficient Omega-3 Intake for Emotional Wellness

By Dr. Chestnut – Innate Choice®

The importance of sufficient omega-3 intake continues THROUGHOUT OUR ENTIRE LIFESPAN and so do the dangers of being deficient!

A relationship has been established between reduced levels of omega-3’s and central nervous system disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, schizophrenia, depression and attention deficit hyperactive disorder. Research shows that depressive disorders and suicidal behaviors are associated with low levels of omega-3 and high levels of omega-6 fats. Supplementation with omega-3’s counteracts these terrible effects (Sublette, Am J Psychiatry, Jun 2006).

This might be explained by the fact that omega-3’s are credited with increasing levels of “feel-good” serotonin and “memory-boosting” acetylcholine (Singh, Indian J Pediatr., Mar 2005). Other studies indicate that high omega-3 intake might have protective properties against neurodegenerative diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer’s (Florent-Bechard, J Neurol Sci., Aug 2007).

More evidence that focusing on wellness and prevention is the only logical solution! When you are sufficient in what your body needs and avoid those things that are toxic, you will naturally gravitate towards health and vitality and away from illness. Getting and staying healthy is about making healthy choices – it’s that simple!

Omega 3 essential fatty acids (EFAs) play a role in virtually every human function including growth and development, digestion, brain and nerve function, immune function, hormone production and regulation, maintenance of skin and bones, regulation of healing and inflammation, heart function, vision, cholesterol levels, and even emotions and behaviour.

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Innate Choice® was founded by Dr. James Chestnut after over 25 years of research into the human requirements for health and wellness. As the son of a Ph.D. Fisheries Biologist, Dr. Chestnut is a wellness clinician and physiologist who has spent his entire life studying and exploring nature, ecosystems, and the health of the animals, especially humans, that inhabit them.