Motivation Assessment

What it Is

The Genos Employee Motivation Program is a unique model and assessment of motivation, combined with inspiring development programs that lift levels of employee engagement.

How it is Used

  1. To improve employee engagement. Our motivation assessment and development programs improve employee engagement by creating greater awareness of motivation and greater alignment between what people are motivated by and what they do at work.
  2. To develop leadership. Our Motivating and Engaging Your Team program improves leaders’ understanding of engagement and how to lift the engagement of the people they lead by better understanding what individually motivates them. High levels of employee engagement are most quickly and efficiently achieved when leaders facilitate an individualized approach to it. This in part is what our motivation solution is – a development program for leaders comprising an assessment, process and tool kit that helps them understand motivation at an individual level and increase employee engagement on that basis.
  3. Team building. Organizations provide teams the assessment and a development program to help them understand each other’s motivations and how to work best with each other on that basis.