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Want to be an effective successful leader?

You understand about emotional intelligence and recognize how important it is for leadership. You know that organizations want people who are emotionally intelligent and not just those with a high IQ. You also know that you are going to have to do things differently or you will lose the respect of others.

But you recognize that you have one or two behaviors that you want to correct, such as your impulsive anger, irritation or frustration at people who don’t see things the way you do or who get in your way.

Or perhaps you just want to get on better with people and not get them off-side. Maybe you freeeze up when you need to give a presentation. You may like your work, but are not proud of the way you are working – your short temper, bluntness or overall conduct. Perhaps you don’t suffer fools gladly!

My program will give you the emotional skills you never learned in any formal leadership course to better manage your behavior. Leadership is relationship. But while it’s all well and good ‘knowing’ what leadership is, it’s something else to be in control of your emotions and be able to use them to lead and empower others.

First you must build a trusting relationship with your followers through being predictable and wise and they will respond because they know, like and trust you.

I am passionate about emotional leadership. I believe it is the secret to empowered leadership. The process that I will coach you through is the same one I have used with leaders in companies around the world. This is a proven science-based process. If you stick to my system, you will reach a new level of self-understanding and greater effectiveness in your personal and professional life.

The Emotional Leader Program (ELPro) will help you gain the discipline to achieve positive, measurable, long-term improvement in your own leadership behavior – and help you be more successful than you already are. You’ll also discover the fast track to reducing your stress and improving your emotional health. And you will become unconsciously skilled at applying your emotional intelligence.

Once you have mastered your own behavior, only then will you be equipped to lead and influence others, taking them to new heights.

I’m not talking about some old ideas you’ve already heard before. I’m talking about finding just one annoying habit – one small flaw – that’s keeping you from where you want to be and getting it fixed so you are back on track and no longer held back from achieving your desired goal.

I have now personally coached and mentored clients from different nationalities worldwide. I’m now training emotional leaders globally to succeed through behavior change – To get from where you are to where you want to be!

ELPro combines research from my Ph.D. study into the emotional intelligence of managers, evidence-based emotional intelligence constructs, and cognitive-behavioral insights, PLUS practical hands-on emotional know-how learned through life’s experiences. Coaching clients will have access to my online coaching resources at and my extensive emotional development resources at

The best way to learn anything is through experience. The discipline that is embedded within the leaders I coach is equally relevant in my own behavior. In simple terms – What is good for you is good for me. You will gain the confidence you need through step-by-step actions to choose the right goal, change your perceptions, build your emotional leadership habits and live the lifestyle of your dreams.

Here are eight compelling reasons why you must choose ELPro.

Discover how to develop these personal habits:

  1. Recognize emotion in yourself and others
  2. Express emotion using your emotional style
  3. Generate emotion to support thinking
  4. Match emotion to problem solve
  5. Know emotion to communicate awareness
  6. Predict emotion change
  7. Manage emotion to influence others
  8. Master emotion to enjoy unlimited G.R.O.W.T.H.!

If you want to effectively manage your emotions and be massively successful through applying your emotional intelligence – call me now: +61. 412. 069. 460.

My schedule is able to accept a limited number of committed, self-directed, and motivated people to work with me this year. To become a client and possibly work with me, complete and submit your application form for my Emotional Leader Professional Coaching Programs. We’ll get started immediately.

The adventure ahead will be fun, challenging, and most importantly, will give you the emotional skills that you will need throughout your career to lead and influence behavioral change in followers to go further, try harder, and do better than anyone ever thought possible.

I wish you great success,

Mike Gosling Ph.D.
Emotional Leader Coach