Diversification of Emotion

By Baiju Solanki – Performance Coach

Recently I attended a seminar where they talked about the importance of diversifying your financial portfolio. Any good IFA worth their salt will tell you that you should never have your investments in one place, or even in one type of investment, i.e. stocks & shares, property, ISA’s, the list goes on. Financial wealth is determined by the number of sources of income you have. The more sources the more financial wealth you can acquire.

This got me thinking about Emotional Wealth. Do we allow ourselves to have a diverse portfolio of emotional wealth?

Baiju Solanki’s definition of Emotional Wealth:

“Emotional Wealth is having a balance in your life, ensuring that you have more good days than bad days, and that you don’t allow the stresses that we have in our life to have a detrimental effect on us.”

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