Virgin Coconut Oil

coconut-oilEssential to emotional health is exercise and good nutrition. Since being diagnosed as a Type II Diabetic 0n May 29, 2011 at age 62, I have researched and taken lots of advice on how to reduce my blood sugar levels and improve my physical health. I now add a tablespoon of Banaban virgin coconut oil to my breakfast cereal.

It has become apparent that the growth of Virgin Coconut Oil and other Nature Pacific coconut food products has more than doubled in demand and popularity. It’s so good to see that here in western society we are finally starting to experience the benefits of coconut in our daily diets.

We are often asked, ” Is the popularity of Coconut Oil a fad?” Well the definition of ‘fad’ is something that becomes popular for just a short time. I think what has become apparent to all our customers (and is what our people back in the Islands have known for centuries) is that coconut definitely becomes a part if not a necessity in everyday life. Some of our customers that have had to go overseas to work are even getting us to ship their Virgin Coconut Oil to the far ends of the earth so they do not have to go without.


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