The Divided Brain

A sustainable emotional health solution is vital to human wellness, workplace productivity, and a healthier lifestyle. Never have the prospects been better. People are enthusiastic about the shift to emotional wealth and its potential to eliminate exposure to surges in negative emotion, reduce the impact of stress felt in the body, foster new personal development opportunities and improve one’s quality of life. Corporations are increasingly supportive as they look to strengthen emotional skills and revitalize individual and organizational performance.

In his recent video – The Divided Brain – Psychiatrist, Iain McGilchrist, challenges the notion that the left hemisphere of the brain is all knowing. He asks that we question the left hemisphere talk, which is convincing, and reduce the need to control everything. The right hemisphere doesn’t have a voice and can’t construct all the arguments of the brain’s left hemisphere. He draws us back to what the right hemisphere, the seat of emotion and empathy, knows to a broader context and reminds us that the intuitive mind (the right hemisphere) is a sacred gift.

Working so much with the brain, as I do in my ELPro coaching model, this video offers a refreshing perspective on how the ‘right’ side of the brain – or the emotion side – is so often subsumed as the “poor cousin” of the left. In reality, emotion is the force of real life! What do you think? Please add your comments below.

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