Know Emotion To Communicate Awareness

know-emotionPeople high in this skill of emotional leadership typically …

  • Know emotions are an important resource for decision-making and problem solving, especially about their relationships.
  • Have an excellent ability to capture emotional data in language and can label emotions accurately and separate them into different intensities of emotion.
  • Can verbally navigate emotional blends; know how emotions combine, and how to analyze these feelings into their parts.
  • Are able to analyze a person’s emotion state – the different feelings that combine to make their mood and can communicate that to others.

The ability to know emotion will help you to…

UNDERSTAND: What people are feeling and how to communicate your emotional awareness to others, including how simple emotions combine as emotion blends.


  • Know emotions as a resource – Everything is about how you feel
  • Verbally navigate emotional blends – Emotional language is important for sense making
  • Know how emotions combine – how emotions assemble/disassemble into parts


  • Dismiss emotional data – It is as important as technical, functional, medical data
  • Bring verbal IQ to your EI score – If you do, you are struggling with emotion complexity
  • Give in to alexithymia – 50% of people struggle with the language of emotion


You have been successful knowing emotion when you:

  • Know what others are feeling, can label their emotion, and know its cause
  • Verbally succeed in making sense of the emotional landscape
  • Communicate your appreciation of how emotions assemble/combine over time


Emotions are a resource; a source of data. Emotions direct our attention to a real issue or a problem that exists. The continual internal feedback that emotions provide about your body’s state of physiological arousal helps you interpret situations and build relationships.




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