fast ei formula

The EI Formula is the only executive coaching program in the world that uses emotional intelligence, brain science as well as psychology to maximise your effectiveness, get your highest paying job you want and design the life you love in less than 12-weeks!

The system is designed to dramatically improve your emotional intelligence while helping you achieve and sustain positive behavioural change; for yourself, your people, and your team with results in less than 30-days.

WEEK 1: – Your Mindset and Your Positioning


WEEK 3: Emotional Awareness

WEEK 4: How To Recognise Emotion In Yourself And Others

WEEK 5: How To Express Emotion Using Your Emotional Style

WEEK 6: How To Generate Emotion To Support Thinking

WEEK 7: How To Match Emotion To Make A Connection

WEEK 8: How To Know Emotion And Communicate Awareness

WEEK 9: How To Predict Emotion Changes To Reduce Stress

WEEK 10: How To Manage Emotion To Influence Others

WEEK 11: How To Master Emotion To Enrich Relationships

WEEK 12: How To Improve Communication Skills & Conversations

THE NEXT LEVEL – How To Win Promotion, Higher Pay And Design The Life You Love

Prior to joining the Fast EI Formula program, let’s meet for your initial coaching consultation to review where you are at, see if we are a good fit, and how we may conduct ongoing coaching. Click the link “Count Me In” below.

I look forward to meeting you,

Dr. Mike Gosling