The Emotional Leader Program

The Emotional Leader Program (ELPro) is based upon the principles encapsulated in the EASEQuadrant Model, a simple doctrine or system of learning emotional skills that help you achieve positive, measurable, long-term improvement in leadership behavior, applying your emotional intelligence. In ELPro I coach you using practices learned from my mentor, Dr. Marshall Goldsmith, perhaps the most well respected behavioral coach in the world. And that always guarantees increased success and financial … [Read more...]

Emotional intelligence can matter more than IQ

According to Dr Dorrian Aiken, part-time lecturer at the University of Stellenbosch Business School, EQ is considered to be more important than IQ in leadership, management , parenting and teaching "because emotions are contagious". She says one person can influence the well-being of others by behaving in a way that causes them to become demotivated. How we influence one another through our emotional intelligence and through our positivity is really important — Dr Dorrian Aiken, part-time … [Read more...]

How to screen leadership candidates for emotional intelligence

How important is it to interview executive leadership candidates for emotional intelligence when recruiting? Any executive search firm provides detailed information on each candidate’s career history, their reasons for leaving prior employers, and their most applicable career accomplishments, as well as the recruiter’s insights into each candidate. After reading through the extensive candidate profile that Laura Fries, managing director and executive vice president of Baker Tilly’s … [Read more...]

How Do I Become A Facial Expression Expert?

One of the purposes of my blog is to bring you information on current research that is going on in the field of emotions. Paul Ekman Ph.D. is a pre-eminent psychologist and a co-discoverer of micro expressions with Friesen, Haggard and Isaacs. In 2009, Ekman was named one of the 100 most influential people in the world by TIME Magazine. He became interested in facial expression in 1965. After studying nonverbal behavior in Papua New Guinea in 1967 and 1968, his research provided the strongest … [Read more...]

7 Things You Need To Know About ASEAN

The ten member states of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations collectively comprise the seventh-largest economy in the world. Here are some critical facts. … [Read more...]

Applying Emotional Intelligence

The term emotional intelligence conveys some aspects of present-day zeitgeists; it captures something of the many competing interests or spirits of our age (Mayer, Salovey & Caruso 2000b, p. 97). Emotional Intelligence is an emerging idea and as such there is no absolute definition for it. Over the last two decades a number of definitions have been developed. Psychologists Dr John Mayer, of the University of New Hampshire, and Dr Peter Salovey, of Yale University, first published two … [Read more...]

The Genos EI Model

What it Is The Genos EI Model is an internationally recognized Emotional Intelligence, or EQ, model and assessment combined with award winning development programs that enhance leadership, sales, teamwork and customer service. How it is Used To identify talent. Our Emotional Intelligence assessment is used to identify people with naturally great soft skills, people who will make great leaders, sales or customer service personnel. In this context it is used in recruitment (external or … [Read more...]