Motivation Assessment

What it Is The Genos Employee Motivation Program is a unique model and assessment of motivation, combined with inspiring development programs that lift levels of employee engagement. How it is Used To improve employee engagement. Our motivation assessment and development programs improve employee engagement by creating greater awareness of motivation and greater alignment between what people are motivated by and what they do at work. To develop leadership. Our Motivating and Engaging … [Read more...]

Discover Powerful Lessons In Personal Change!

MIKE’S PROFESSIONAL COACHING SYSTEM IS OPEN TO EVERYONE! Want to be an effective successful leader? You understand about emotional intelligence and recognize how important it is for leadership. You know that organizations want people who are emotionally intelligent and not just those with a high IQ. You also know that you are going to have to do things differently or you will lose the respect of others. But you recognize that you have one or two behaviors that you want to correct, such as … [Read more...]

What Got You Here Won’t Get You There

In this quick but powerful video, world-renowned business thought-leader and executive coach Dr. Marshall Goldsmith reveals an important truth about change in business. Use it in both your own coaching practice and to help your clients. Don't assume the behavior that got you to your present level is going to get you to the next level. Are you ready to change your behavior? Tell me which behavior you will change to take you to the next level in the comments below. Join Marshall and … [Read more...]

Is Optimism Contagious?

This guest post is by Dr. Marshall Goldsmith of Leading News. In the past I've talked about the value of optimism in life and at work, how the two intersect, and different challenges that crop up to sway even the most confident and consistent optimists. I examined a high-ranking executive who’d had some setbacks, but was able to get over them, excel further than another, shall we say, crabbier personality, and create significant value for his organization and workforce. What’s interesting … [Read more...]

Recognize The Pain Time Line

Pain perception is about how appraisal triggers arousal (emotional response) in your body. Deepak Chopra explains that cognitive appraisal in the brain arouses only two impulses—pain or pleasure. We all want to avoid pain and experience pleasure.  Therefore, all the complicated emotional states we find ourselves in are because we are unable to obey these basic drives. [1] Pleasure seems to be managed well by most people and is a non-problem status. Pain though is any unpleasant sensory and … [Read more...]

How Do You Deal With Your Emotions?

Emotions are bodily signals that alert you to changes in your internal or external environment. Emotions are feelings with thoughts attached to them. Your interpretation or appraisal of your feeling in your body gives rise to an emotion. This is what I describe as EAR—Identity: Event—Appraisal—Response. Each event in your life is appraised in the GAP between event and response. Positive appraisals are a non-problem status—Emotion is regarded as "normal". Negative interpretations cause your … [Read more...]