How Do You Deal With Your Emotions?

Emotions are bodily signals that alert you to changes in your internal or external environment. Emotions are feelings with thoughts attached to them. Your interpretation or appraisal of your feeling in your body gives rise to an emotion. This is what I describe as EAR—Identity: Event—Appraisal—Response. Each event in your life is appraised in the GAP between event and response. Positive appraisals are a non-problem status—Emotion is regarded as "normal". Negative interpretations cause your … [Read more...]

If Life Coaching is the Answer, What is The Question?

By Suzanne James  - Life Coach The question I hear most often is, 'Why does coaching work? I don't get it. It is too simple.' I hear this from clients, and people who are new to coaching. It seems that nothing happens except a bit of journaling and brainstorming in many sessions. It doesn't look like the coach invests a lot of effort, but the results are measurable, and there is ample evidence to support the successful approaches to coaching. This article is designed to help people … [Read more...]

Building Leadership For Health

Dr. Peter Salovey, Yale University Provost, speaks at the 2010 Global Health Leadership Institute (GHLI) Conference, Building Leadership for Health held at Yale University. He extends an official University welcome and shares remarks on the psychology of leadership, drawing on his expertise in emotional intelligence and leadership. If you’re thinking about becoming an Emotional Leader, then you need to understand your emotional leadership habits will be very different to what you’re … [Read more...]

Delegate More Effectively

By Marshall Goldsmith -  Leading Executive Educator and Coach When C-level executives are asked what change they could make to become a more effective leader, one of the most common answers is, "I need to delegate more!" My caution to these executives is always the same: Don't delegate more. Delegate more effectively. Delegation is not a quality like "demonstrating integrity" or "complying with the law." Honest, ethical and legal behavior is always appropriate -- delegation isn't. … [Read more...]

You’re A Mentor… Now What?

This guest post is by Dr. Patricia Wheeler of Leading News. One of the top targets on my client Reynaldo’s development plan read: Provide effective feedback that helps others improve their performance. Reynaldo, a key global supply chain executive based in Latin America, was in the process of making performance management more robust and accountability-driven. Yet along with many of his peers, he was perceived as giving messages that were too soft and lacking any real-time follow-up. My … [Read more...]

Executive Transitions: The Importance of Relational Intelligence

This guest post is by Dr. Patricia Wheeler of Leading News. The rate of change has never been so intense as we have experienced over the past few years. Business is no longer "business as usual". A recent Booz and Company report shows that companies across many industries and geographies are hitting the “reset button,” making changes to their portfolios, their business and operating models, their processes and infrastructure, all through a lens focused more closely on what truly creates value … [Read more...]