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Dr. Peter Salovey, Yale University Provost, speaks at the 2010 Global Health Leadership Institute (GHLI) Conference, Building Leadership for Health held at Yale University. He extends an official University welcome and shares remarks on the psychology of leadership, drawing on his expertise in emotional intelligence and leadership.

If you’re thinking about becoming an Emotional Leader, then you need to understand your emotional leadership habits will be very different to what you’re accustomed to using. This is pretty much guaranteed for people who have adopted conditioned responses to events.

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  1. Roger Magdaraog says:

    I am trying to work on the relationships between spiritual leadership and emotional leadership as correlates of organizational health, any significant inventory or instrument to measure spiritual leadership and emotional leadership would definitely help me process these variables, any help please?

    • Dr. Mike Gosling says:

      Hi Roger, You could contact Richard Harmer. His 2009 published PhD – Reconceptualising spirituality – examined the role of spirituality in life and work and the role of meaning and purpose in the evolution of human consciousness.

      • Roger Magdaraog says:

        Dear Sir, Thank you very much for this reply, I will read and analyze the material and hope to find connections to my thesis/ dissertation. More power and hope to connect with you sooner.

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